Consumers Thirst for Instant-On Experience

With Apple’s recent launch of the iPad 2 there’s lots of discussion in the blogosphere and editorials across the web on the “post-PC” era and the improved instant-on user experience that comes with it.  There’s debate whether tablets are signaling a new era beyond the traditional PC or if it is just an evolution of the PC.  Stephen Skankland at CNET wrote in an interesting column recently that he thinks it’s the latter, an evolution.

I think today’s tablets highlight a trend that has been taking place for many years – the need for instant-on performance.  Consumers have always had an expectation for fast boot-up and performance in their applications – on their personal computers,  phones, TVs and cars.  For example, once the ignition is turned on, drivers expect immediate access to all features and functions of the car from the next generation digital instrument clusters to infotainment and navigation systems.  It is a key part of a safe and pleasing driving experience consumers have come to expect.

NOR Flash memory is playing an important role in enabling the fastest instant-on experience.  With NOR’s fast read speed, devices are booting faster than ever and coming out of deep sleep modes ready to respond to consumer’s needs.

NOR Flash is also the premier choice for providing reliable storage for operating systems and applications that electronic devices require in order to function.  In fact, a new generation of NOR Flash memory from Spansion is bringing a whole new level of performance to consumer electronics and a host of other devices including automotive, networking and telecommunications.

It’s an exciting time in electronics.  What change will Flash memory usher in next?

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